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Premium Concrete Polishing in Melbourne

Our concrete polishing solution can be achieved to fit any requirements such as aesthetics, surface flatness, gloss level and price. As well, polished concrete floors are a green flooring solution that meets today’s high green demand. Its light reflectivity brightens areas and its thermal mass properties lead to reduced energy costs. Polished concrete also requires no additional raw materials and requires no future replacement materials or disposal of old flooring. This means that it has minimal lifetime maintenance costs compared to any other flooring available.

Our polished concrete floors in melbourne are extremely cost effective, highly durable and environmentally sound; fire resistant very safe and slip resistant; and are much easier to maintain than any other flooring. They’re also so durable that they will last as long as the slab does. Plus, our concrete is often mistaken for natural stone such as marble, which is a testament to its aesthetic appeal.

Using our state of the art HTC polishing and grinding machines, we’ll grind the entire surface smooth before applying polish to obtain your desired look.

These machines feature diamond metal bond with various grits that are used to grind down a surface gradually, creating attractive smooth and flat floors. We can also cater to specific preferences and a provide a customised finish– simply inform us of your desired level of grind in terms of aggregate exposure and floor flatness and we’ll adjust our process to provide a satisfying outcome.

Our concrete polishing service includes:

  • Restoration and polishing of natural stone eg. marble
  • Terrazzo restoration


  • High end residential
  • Commercial Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Garages and Basement car parks

Polish Type A: Concrete Polishing and Sealing System (Chemical Polish)

Using our high tech computerized concrete grinder and polishers equipped with diamond impregnated metal pads or disks are used to gradually grind surface to the desired aggregate / stone exposure and level. A finer grit is later used to eliminate all scratches Application of floor coatings like epoxy, acrylic resin, or polyurethane is then applied.

concrete polishing Melbourne

Polish Type B: Concrete Grinding and Polishing System (Mechanical Polish)

This system is extremely of high quality and durability. Once the desired aggregate exposure and all scratches are eliminated. Unlike the concrete grinding and sealing, there is no surface coat and sealing. The uses of chemical coatings are eliminated. However this system uses potassium and lithium based identifier that penetrates deeply into the concrete. The floor is then burnished with diamond impregnating resin pads to achieve the desired look and shine. This system with the application of densifer increases the density and makes the surface more impact and abrasion resistant.

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