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Premium Floor Sanding and Polishing in Melbourne

If your existing Timber flooring is looking a little dull or worn out, there’s no need to rip it up and replace it. With Timber floor sanding and polishing from Armstrong Floors, your old Timber floor can look brand new once more. We’ll sand the surface and apply an attractive stain or polish to rejuvenate it.

Our master floor sanders use the patented 12 inch belt Galaxy Machines 7.5 hp. the most powerful and advanced floor sanding machine. It provides maximum torque resulting to sanding efficiency, hence smoother, cleaner and flatter timber floors.

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Dark Staining Specialist

Direct staining to timber combined with clear polyurethane adds rich colour to timber and simultaneously preserves the stain by protecting it with a highly durable clear finish. The rich film provides better protection and stronger colour in fewer coats. The direct staining method enhances the natural characteristics of the timber grain. We use and recommend fade resistant spirit based stain which allows the full clarity of the timber grain to show through after staining.


Main types of finishes available

There are three types of timber floor polishing finishes available. These are solvent based polyurethane, water based polyurethane and tung/modified oil.

Solvent based polyurethane

The most common of all finishes. It brings out the richness of the darker timber. The best solvent based polyurethane is High Solids Single pack polyurethane due to its higher elasticity and solid content and grain filling properties.

Water based polyurethane

The most environmentally friendly, odourless and quick drying. It is used in maintaining the natural colour of light timber and it prevents yellowing effect on timber. We use and recommend Loba (Germany) and Bona (Sweden) floor coatings. Both products offer outstanding durability on heavy traffic floors. They offer significantly greater scratch, scruff and chemical resistance only 24 hours after application.

Tung/Modified Oil

The original oil based floor finish. It allows the timber expansion and contraction of timber without affecting the integrity of the surface finish. Its main disadvantage is the lack of durability of the polyurethane variant. We use and recommend Polycure Oil Modified finish.

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Other Info / FAQ

Expectations in Sanding and Polishing

What you can expect from professionally sanded and coated floors –

  1. Expert sanding and coating
  2. Nails punched
  3. Nail holes knot holes butt end of floorboards to be filled with appropriate filler
  4. Some variations in colour and grain between new and old boards
  5. Black japan or stain around the perimeter of some older timber may produce a floor with 2 tone effect
  6. A coating that will provide many years of beauty providing that it is properly maintained
  7. 12 volt down lights produce a cobweb effect on the coatings
  8. Some slight marking on skirting boards from contact with the floor edger
  9. Any silicone on the floor will cause rejection with subsequent coats of polyurethane. Silicone or silicone based and oil based products include hairspray and lubricating oil

What not to expect from professionally sanded floors –

  1. A completely dust free finish. It is impossible to have a completely clean room environment and so there will always be some dust particles in the air which may settle on wet coating. This is why we have spray booth on cars
  2. Removal of deep cuts such are those from carpet trimming knives or deep gouges in the boards
  3. Removal of stains such as animal urine stains and water marks from within the boards and around the nail holes
  4. Filling of gaps between the boards. These gaps are not filled because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will cause cracking in the filler
  5. No responsibility will be taken for any movement of timber floor which may affect appearances or finish of floor
  6. Do not expect boards damaged by borer to have same gloss level and same smooth feel as those without borer.
  7. Do not expect any areas filled with putty to have the same feel as the timber after application of coatings

Care & Maintenance

1. Vacuum and sweep your floors. Excess of foreign materials will scratch your floors

2. Do not use wax based detergent on floor all of these materials can damage the surface finish over time and can affect adhesion for recoating – referred to as Delamination

3. Do not use excessive amounts of water as this can damage and warp the wood due to moisture absorption

4. Use felt pads beneath furniture to reduce scratches and dents

5. Keep pets nail trimmed to minimized scratching

6. Do not use high heels shoes on floorboards

7. Wipe off any spillage on floor immediately to avoid moisture retention

8. Avoid direct sun as it will age and discolour (turning yellow) polished floors. However water based polyurethane will minimize this problem

9. Never drag furniture across flooring without proper protection

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